Casino Petitot

Piazza Risorgimento - 9/A - Parma - PR - 43121

the so-called Stradone, with the Casino set at its east end, was the first ever italian boulevard following the French style.

It was court architect A.E. Petitot, entrusted with the work by minister Du Tillot, who created in 1759 an elegant avenue lined with trees, divided into three lanes: the central and larger one for horse-drawn carriages, the side ones, narrower and provided with marble benches, for walkers.

The Casino, built at the end of the avenue, was a cafè for fashionable circles with a splendid view on the town and country.

Stradone and casino were opened on 24 June 1766, the night of St John, when still today and according to local customs, citizens of Parma go out to stroll in the open air and get the dew bringing good luck.

How to get there:

located in front of the football ground Tardini.

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