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Natural reserve Cronovilla

Traversetolo - PR - 43029
Phone: +39 0521287840

the oasi is open every day all day long with specific highlined path.


the natural reserve of Cronovilla is located in a hill-foot area and covers about 35 hectars, including the castles that once belonged to Matilde of Canossa. Once a mine, this area bounded to the east by river Enza, to the north by river Termina and to the west by canal Spelta, ran wild for many years after the exploitation had ended and a rich vegetation could grow up spontanoeusly thanks to a water table granting not only water but also a wet climate.

The park has become the ideal environment for a typical river fauna, in particular six species of amphibians, such as frogs and toads as well as several kinds of fishes living in the little lakes.
The park is also an important stop for bird migration and visitors can admire here some gray herons and little egrets.

How to get there:

Cronovilla is located about 20 kms south of Parma. By car from Parma follow the road SS 513 to Traversetolo. After crossing the village, turn left towards San Polo. By bus Tep line n° 8 or line Parma-Traversetolo.

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