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Food and wine factories

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Parma, with its many typical products, gives the opportunity to take a journey into flavours, the numerous cheese factories spread in the countryside, are places where it is possible to discover how the most famous cheese in the world is made every day, the visit to a dairy is really an amazing experience.
The Ham factories also open the doors to get visitors to learn how from pork meat, bred in the territory, comes out the exquisite Prosciutto of Parma.

The excellence of food and wine products led to the creation of flavours itineraries, to take visitors directly to the places where products come from. Let yourself be tempted by the Street of Culatello, the Street of Prosciutto and Vini dei colli or among the beautiful woods of the Appennines, along the Street of Porcino Mushroom.

Parma, italian food valley, with its history, gastronomy, products and factories, offers also the chance to get to know centuries of tradition in the production of high quality food through the Food Museums (HCU). Located in the areas of production of the countryside, the museums show the secrets and history of the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Ham, Salame, Tomato and the new born of pasta and wine.

Parma boasts the qualification of Creative city of Gastronomy Unesco and enters officially into the network of the food and gastronomic culture of Unesco.