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Alma International school of italian cuisine

Piazza Garibaldi - 26 - Colorno - PR - 43012
Phone: +39 0521525211 Fax: +39 0521525252

Parma is reknowed in the world for its flavours and products, therefore in the Parma countryside lies the first high level culinary school (Alma). 

The school occupies 3000 square metres of the Ducal palace and it's formed by the main kitchen, a restaurant, a great hall, training rooms,  theoric and practicing  rooms, bakery and confectionery laboratory, a library, a reading room and vcr devices.

Different classes are lectured, the main one is the upper level italian cuisine class, 11 months long, with 6 months of theory and practicing in Colorno and 5 of work experience in the most glamorous italian restaurants.

The classes are in italian and english and the number of students allowed is 40. A Maestro of italian cuisine certificate is issued at the end of the course.


How to get there:

Colorno is 15 km north of Parma and it's reachable by car on the SS 343. By train: Parma - Brescia line Colorno station. By bus: extraurban line Parma-Colorno.

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