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To taste

Parma - PR

Absolutely to taste

Travel and food go always together, especially in Parma, city in the heart of the Food valley, known in the world for its typical products and specialties.
Many are the places where it's possibile to satisfy your food curiosity, from the starred restaurants to the simple trattorias, but also the wine bars in town and in the province know how to please you.
If you stay in Parma even for a day, don't go away without tasting:

Parmigiano Reggiano
This cheese is made with the best milk from the local farms, from the ancient art of the dairies masters, with its long natural aging, without any preserve or colorant or anti fermenting. A few flake are perfect with an aperitif, as well as grated on the traditional plates.

The Ham of Parma and other cold cuts
Only the typical area of production has the ideal conditions for the making and natural aging so to give this incredible product the right level of sweetness and taste.
In a sandwich, alone, in the summer with some slices of melon or just wrapper around a bread stick. The Culatello of Zibello: the king of cured meats, light pink coloured, with beautiful stripes of white fat, sweet flavoured, refined and unique.
The salame of Felino, the Spalla cotta of San Secondo, maybe all together on a plate of mixed cold cuts.

Tortelli d'erbetta
The plate of the Parma tradition with the anolini in stock. The tortelli are rectangular shaped pasta stufgfed with ricotta cheese and herbs, cooked and served with melted butter and a lot of Parmigiano grated. Plates that are always included in the typical menus.

The mushroom of Borgotaro
In autumn is really not to miss. The mushroom of Borgotaro has a unique taste that turns plates into a real delicious experience. From the risotto to the tagliatelle, to the second plates, fried or raw.

The wines of the Hills of Parma
The best match with the food specialities are the wines of the territory. A plate of cold cuts, maybe with the delicious torta fritta, has to be tasted with a glass of sparkling red Lambrusco or white Malvasia and Sauvignon.

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