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Anolini o cappelletti

Parma - PR

Ingredients for the pasta:

1 Kg of white flour 00, salt,
8/10 eggs

Ingredients for the stuffing:
three parts of grated Parmigiano cheese of three different qualities,
a part of grated bread, 2 eggs, nutmeg, meat soup, salt

They are small, stuffed squares of pasta, similar to ravioli.
The stuffing is usually ground meat, but can also be made from cheese or vegetables.
The name is taken from the plural of the Italian word cappelletto, which means "little hat."

Preparation: scald the grated bread with some milk or boling meat soup, add the eggs, the salt, the grated Parmigiano cheese and nutmeg.
Prepare the anolini and cook them in a special soup called "terza" because it's made of different types of meat: capon, beef, salami or veal.

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