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Herbs and ricotta stuffed tortelli

Parma - PR

Ingredients for 6 people
Filling: 600 grams of fresh and soft ricotta cheese, 300 grams of spinach or herbs; 1 egg (not essential); 300 grams of Parmigiano cheese, a dusting of nutmeg and enough salt.
Pasta: 1 kilo of flour, 4 entire eggs and enough water to knead.

In all the villages around Parma St. John's night, the 23rd of June, is traditionally celebrated eating tortelli d'erbetta outdoor, the so-called "tortellata".

Boil the spinach, strain it, fry it with some butter and then grind it coarsely with the chopping knife; once cooled down, mix it with the other ingredients.
So the filling is obtained; then must be put on strips of pastry folded in order to keep it on the inside.
The tortelli, trimmed on three sides with the round washer, must be cooked in boiling water.
When ready, strain it with the strainer and layer it on the serving dish, properly warmed up, pouring abundantly melted butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

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