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Black truffle of Fragno

Calestano - PR

The black truffle of Fragno is a tuber, with an intense and pleasant odour and a strong taste, deriving its name from a hamlet near the village of Calestano, in the province of Parma.
The truffle of Fragno grows mainly on grounds deriving from the disgregation of sedimentary rocks typical of our valleys, mainly in the Val Baganza and in Val Parma.

This truffle has been recognized as an autonomous species by a law issued in 1991, approved to distinguish the Tuber uncinatum Chatin - the scientific denomination of the black truffle of Fragno - from the Tuber aestivum, best known as scorzone for the big warts characteristic of its external part.

In the kitchen: the use in the recipes of the black truffle of Fragno is very different from the white truffle of Alba, usually cut raw on the food. The basic gastronomical combinations of the black truffle of Fragno are: the mixing of truffle and Parmigiano-Reggiano, two parts of cheese and one part of grinded truffle, particularly suitable for risotti, crèpes, tagliatelle, roast meat; the truffle pâté with butter, one part of grinded truffle mixed with two parts of butter, ideal for canapés or to flavour the meat or the risotti; the truffled eggs, obtained cooking in a usual way the eggs after leaving them for a day or two in a container with the truffles.

The black truffle can be preserved for a long time. It is enough to clean it from the earth and put it in the refrigerator, closed in a food container lined with paper or, even better, full of rice.
The rice, that has absorbed the odour of the truffle, can be then used to prepare an excellent risotto.

How to discover the Black truffle:
every year, usually during the month of November, the Black Truffle of Fragno Festival is held in Calestano, where it is possible to eat truffles in the local restaurants, buy them at the market stands, listen to the music and enjoy many other events.

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