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Salame of Felino

Felino - PR

Qualities: this salami owes its name to the village on the Parmesan hills where it has been produced for over two centuries.

The Felino salami is made only with pig meats, whose cuts come from the lean trimmings of the "coppa", hams and "spalla". The perfect mixture of fat meat (75%) and lean (25%), white and pink, is grinded in big pieces, then salt, pepper and nitrate are added.
At the moment of the casing in pork intestines, you put pepper and garlic pounded in a mortar and diluted in dry white wine.
At this point the salami is seasoned for at least one month or two in specific places.
During this period it does take its characteristic cylindrical form slightly swollen at one end, and the typical white-grey color.

According to the tradition, the salami must be cut in a diagonal way of 60°, to emphasize the grain. The slice has an irregular shape, red or pink-coloured and a round and delicate taste.
To protect the Felino Salami it has been required the IGP brand, the European acknowledgement of Geographic Indication Protect.

How to discover the Salame of Felino: to taste the Felino Salami and discover its places of origins, it is possible to follow the Strada del Prosciutto e dei vini (Ham and Wine's Road). It is possible to visit the Salame museum, inside the Castle of Felino.
This itinerary, that wounds up the foothills, offers the opportunity to discover, besides the Felino salami, other typical products such as the Parma Ham, the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, the Fragno Truffle and the Wines of the Parmesan hills.

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