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The doc (dop) wines of the province of Parma

Langhirano - PR

The DOC wines of the province of Parma are protected by the Voluntary Consortium for the Protection of wines from the Parma hills. Estabilished in 1977 by a group of wine growers who were well aware of the quality and specific characteristics of their produce, the Consortium's mission is to introduce the wines possessed this acknowledgment, i.e. Malvasia, Rosso and Sauvignon. Since 2003, the number of DOC wines has risen to 13. The Ministry has granted the DOC appellation to another 10 wines which, although their production is limited, are part of the elite of wines known and appreciated on a regional and national scale. The geographical area in which the grapes are cultivated is situated in the hilly part of the province of Parma, more precisely at an altitude of 200 to 800 meters between the river Enza to the east and the Stirone towards the west. It includes all the Boroughs in between (Traversetolo, Neviano degli Arduini, Lesignano dè Bagni, Langhirano, Felino, Sala Baganza, Collecchio, Fornovo di Taro, Varano Melegari, Solignano, Medesano, Noceto, Salsomaggiore Terme, Fidenza).

According to the product specification, all the grapes must come from the province of Parma. Moreover, they must also be processed in this area and the wines cannot leave the province unless they have been recognized, approved and bottled in the province itself. There are about one hundred growers of grapes suitable for these DOC wines, 65 of which are members of the Consortium. The land registered with the Vineyard Register  amounts to some 250 hectares. Grape registration for Denomination claims cover around 1400 tons of grapes on avarage. The wine produced amounts to around 9000 hl, of which 70% is bottles with the DOC appellation, testified by a numbered identification label provided by the Ministry. Our producers and their wines have obtained and are continuing to obtain important national and international acknowledgments for the quality of their DOC and IGT products. Besides the wines mentioned above, there is an excellent production of Typical Geographic Indication (IGT) wines in the province of Parma, which are of considerable importance for the local agricultural economy.

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