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Typical products

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A celebration of taste for any food lover: pork products and cheese are the best contributions of Parma to world cuisine.

The most famous is the Prosciutto Crudo of Parma, made on the hills like the Salame of Felino while the fertile Bassa Parmense is home to the Culatello of Zibello and Spalla Cotta of San Secondo.

Another well known delicacy is the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, hand crafted since the 12th century following unchanged methods.

Last but not least, rare and precious Black truffle of Fragno and Porcino mushroom are hidden in the woods scattered on the mountains.
The first is named after a small village set on the Appennines while the latter has been branded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) by the European Union, thus stressing its unicity.

Wines also have a space among the typical products of the territory: the Wines of the hills of Parma Doc as Malvasia, Red and Sauvignon and the Fortana of Taro, typical of the flat land.

In the year 2014 was created the club Parma nel cuore del gusto (Parma in the heart of taste), whose aim is to put together all the elements and members of the tourist and gastronomic use of the territory. For information