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Where to eat

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Parma has always been considered as one of the capitals of good food and gastronomy. Not by chance, on December 13 2003, it has been chosen as a permanent head office for Efsa, the European Food Safety Authority which provides scientific advice on existing and emerging risks regarding food.

The restaurants and trattorias of the area serve delicacies known all over the world. Among these, stand out Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma Ham. As a starter, or sometimes as a single dish, you may start with torta fritta, fried bread, which is never missing on parmesan tables, served with the local salami such as culatello of Zibello, salame of Felino or spalla cotta of San Secondo. Among the main courses you can taste pasta filled, as anolini in broth or pasta dough with herbs, with pumpkin or potatoes filling. Among the second courses the choice could be between Rosa di Parma meatloaf, made with beef fillet with ham and Parmigiano cheese or the traditional Punta al forno, veal fourred with eggs and Parmigiano cheese. Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine, is the typical wine served during a meal. With a dessert it is better to drink a white ones, as the Malvasia dei colli, which can be still or sparkling.

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