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Shuttle buses to the exchange car parks

Parma - PR - 43125

Shuttle buses link the exchange car parks, located in the outskirts of the town, to the city centre.
Tickets worth 2,00 euros can be bought at the automatic machines near the parking lots, and are valid all day long on all buses running in town.
Ordinary tickets, also valid on shuttle buses, will last as usual 60 minutes.

The exchange parkings in town are 8 and are linked with shuttle buses crossing the town from North to South, from South east to South west and from East to West, are:

  • line 2 and 7: Exchange car park Nord, Strada Garibaldi, Strada Mazzini, Barriera Farini, Strada Langhirano.

  • line 8 and 11: Exchange car park Sud-Est Via Traversetolo, Strada Repubblica, Barriera Repubblica.

  • line 2 and 13: Exchange car park Nord, Centro Torri, Railway Station, Lungo Parma, Quartiere Cinghio.

  • line 21 and 14: Exchange car park Sud Via Langhirano, Stendhal bridge, Lungo Parma, Viale Mariotti, Railway Station; on festivities line 7

  • line 23: Exchange car park Est Via Emilio Lepido - Via Emilio Lepido (ex-Salamini) - San Lazzaro Arch- Barriera Repubblica, Viale Mentana (DUC), Barriera Garibaldi, Via Mazzini, Via D'Azeglio, Via Gramsci (Hospital), Crocetta, Exchange car park Ovest

  • Line 1: Exchange car park Viale Villetta.

  • Line 6: Exchange car park Cavagnari.

  • Line 5 and 20: Exchange car park Palasport.
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